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The best children’s entertainer in Yorkshire


The Best Children’s entertainer in Yorkshire

The best children's entertainer in Yorkshire


So who is, the best children’s entertainer in Yorkshire?

I would love to say, “it’s me”! i try my hardest!  But then every so often, something wonderful visits town. “the greatest show on earth!”

Where does a magician take his family on his day off? The circus!

REVIEW TIME  Paulos Circus!

So every so often a circus visits town. i must say Paulos circus was difficult to get any comments or reviews off. i found it difficult to get any pictures off google.

Ive seen some circuses that don’t do the circus world justice. Paulos is not one of them! The tent is a good size and is good quality. The sound, lights and atmospehere where wonderful.

The Acts where truly wonderful, with a mix of everything you could imagine. The highlight for me was the tight rope act. If this circus is in town? go and see! “the best entertainment in Yorkshire” in fact! Still the greatest show on earth!

The best children’s entertainment in town is the circus, i hope i can travel with a circus one day.

Paulo’s circus is one of the best value circus’s at just £7 each. fantastic value. i know cinemas and ball pools that are more expensive.


Well done Paulo’s Circus!

Thank you for a wonderful evening


like them here. see when there next in town!



York childrens entertainer – York children’s entertainer

Children’s entertainer York

So its a new year. here at marks magic kingdom we are getting ready for the new season. Its this time of year, we review our show and see whats new for Children’s party entertainers. we like to be the best children’s entertainers.

Looking at some new party games! i love the idea of hungry hippos.

We have already improved the sound, with a new mixing desk. both chanells are at the same volume, this is a great improvement.

We were able to perform the new las vegas illusion for the first time at a school. got some great reactions and we are looking forward to perform this at holiday parks in the spring.




Children’s Christmas party entertainer for companies
Children’s Christmas party entertainer for companies
Children’s entertainer for company parties at Christmas
Mark performed for the Ikea Christmas party. Providing the disco and magic show, ensuring the staff had a complete party package.
Playing music and taking control of the games, food was catered. although Mark said, he would have loved a Ikea hotdog.
The Staff really got into the spirit dressing as elves, widow Twanky and the Grinch. The face painters did an brilliant job with lots of glitter!
Children’s entertainer at the Hull FC club.
Children’s entertainer at the Hull FC club.


Hull Children’s entertainer Mark from Mark’s Magic Kingdom performed for hundreds of children and adults at the Hull FC Christmas party.

Hull Fc supporters club booked our biggest show, a Duck appearing, Robotic dance, audience participation, and for the Finale Mark made it snow!

After the show the players posed for the kids to take photos, the players had great spirit and patience with the kids, talking, taking photos and even joining in with the party games and dances.


Good luck for next year.


Mark’s Magic Kingdom – Christmas Party magician

Our children’s magician is getting ready for the Christmas season.

With lots of silly magic and “real magic”!

Mark had already bumped into Santa about 5 times. We have noticed that Santa’s costumes are becoming more elabrate each year. Magic Mark is expecting Santa to have real gold buttons one day. In most cases, his beard is real.

Its great to see the cheer delight as father Christmas enters the room.

Below is a picture taken at the Ikea Christmas party, what a wonderful job they did, getting into costume and making the Santa’s grotto.

This was taking place in one room and Magic mark was entertaining in another room. This worked exceptionally well, families had time with Santa to take photo’s and receive a wonderful present from Santa.


Ikea Christmas party entertainer

Children’s entertainer performing in Hull
Children’s entertainer performing in Hull

Children’s entertainer Hull, 

Mark the magician performing at a children birthday party at the weekend. Showing off his popcorn waistcoat which the kids love.

The birthday kids were twins and 8 years old, everyone enjoyed the games, party dances. mark was told that everyone was looking forward to the magic show and could not wait.

Children’s entertainer Hull

Children’s entertainer performing in Morley school.

our children’s entertainer leeds

We had a fantastic time performing in Morley leeds last night. We where looked after and even had a hot dog.

The gent who came on stage “Carl”, had a fantastic beard!

Julia has to have a big thumbs up, you made us feel so welcome.

A great family event, well done everyone.

I must say i was eying up the raffle prizes with a marvins magic sets!