Mark's Magic Kingdom

School Shows

School magic show for attendance reward, award’s, treat or P.T.A fund raising.

P.t.a fund raising magic show

Need something different? A change from the school disco or cinema night?

Do you want to kick start a new P.T.A or motivate your current team with a successful event?

You need an event that is fully inclusive for all ages, race or social back ground.

An event that’s featured in “The essential guide to fundraising”. As published by the PTA+ magazine, making it a trusted and valued fund raiser. 

Make hundreds of pounds for sports equipment, books, science project or what ever your school needs.

Our stage magic show is affordable. Enabling you to make money for school funds!

We make it so easy with all marketing provided such as posters etc.

Book a date and see how much your school can benefit

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“We had mark’s magic kingdom at are school for a fund raiser for the PTA ,and i can say without a shadow of doubt it was the best show, we have ever seen both parents and children love the show from start to finished , highly recommend the show to everyone , Well done marks massive thumbs up”

Jackie Deakin – Howarth

“Thank you so much to Mark for coming across to the south bank and Bowmandale Primary School. We had a fantastic evening, the kids thought the show was awesome and parents loved it too. A real family evening.
Great audience involvement and plenty of giggles. Highly recommended!!!         

Sarah Lunn   P.T.A Bowmandale

House points  / High attendance award.

Would you like to give a wonderful memory to your pupils? A fantastic memory that will last a life time?

Maybe a theatre experience is deserved but the price tag is too great?

An affordable reward is needed and one that will cover every age group in the school?

A magic show can span religion, language and all ages.

We have a medium and big show to suit different sized budgets.

Pupils will feel rewarded and know their hard work really did pay off.

Ask for Details……  


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