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Children’s entertainer Osbaldwick, Heworth and Clifton

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children's entertainer Osbaldwick, Heworth and Clifton

Children’s entertainer Osbaldwick, Heworth and Clifton.

Children’s entertainer Osbaldwick, Heworth and Clifton

We are a children’s entertainment provider based in the York area, We also cover the Heslington, Clifton and Osbaldwick area.

Supplying the best in kids party entertainment with a complete party entertainment package, which can include Magic shows, puppet shows, face painting and balloon models all with a children’s disco.  

That’s a two hour party package all organized by our top children’s entertainers, with years of experience.

Wanting stress free party entertainment for your home or venue in York? We can provide an easy, hassle free, easy to organize event. You just have to provide the food and relax in the back ground, while you get a chance to watch your child have a fabulous time.

check out our video page: Children’s entertainer video page

“We take over the entertainment, so you don’t have to”

We have two types of shows for Birthday party entertainment “Magic or puppets!

magic show page     Puppet show page

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Children's entertainers Osbaldwick, Heworth and Clifton

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