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Children’s Entertainer for Yorkshire & Lincolnshire Leeds – Hull – York – Lincoln

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Mark's Magic kingdom - Children's entertainer provider for parties, Galas, outside events, Fetes, summer fairs.

About us!

Mark’s Magic Kingdom is an entertainment company that provides children’s entertainment for family events  in the Yorkshire, Linconshire and Nottighamshire area.

Magic & puppet shows for any special occasion including birthday party’s, weddings and christenings, Galas, village fetes, Store openings and outside events.

All our entertainers are fully insured and DBS compliant.



Children’s Events we perform at:

Parties, galas, food festivals, schools, garden party’s, Christmas partys, fun days


Birthday party entertainment

Birthday party entertainment: “Party’s are so easy with us”!

You just organise food and relax in the backgroud, while we take over the kids entertainment and you get to watch your child have a fabalous birthday party! 

“We take over the kids entertainment, so you don’t have to”


What area’s do we cover?

We are based in a small village just off the M62, near the boarder of Linconshire & Yorkshire. So we can provide kids entertainment upto 90 mins away including North Nottinghamshire.

Children’s Entertainer Leeds-York-Hull-York-Lincoln

Children’s entertainer Leeds, Children’s entertainer Hull,  Children’s entertainer York,

Children’s entertainer Harrogate, Children’s entertainer Selby.


 children’s entertainment events we do:

Birthday parties 

We have a complete 2 hour party package for birthday parties. Total stress free party entertainment with a choice of magic or puppet shows.

What’s the best time for a birthday party?

Your wanting the kids to have a great time, part of this festival of fun is the party feast. So book the party when the kids usually eat, lunch or tea. That’s why most of the parties we book are 11-1pm or 3.30 – 5.30pm.

Should i book the hall, or the children’s entertainer first?

Booking the hall and then trying to book the right children’s entertainer is going to be difficult.

Plan this, get the halls contact and the entertainers contact. talk to both, book both within minutes. Your most likely to get the hall you want and the entertainer you need.

Wedding entertainment:

Close up magic / Children’s show

Its your special day, you may already have children or your inviting guest with children. You don’t want them spoiling the speaches , they don’t mean to! an ideal solution is booking a kids entertainer while the borings bits are on.

Table hoping magician for a wedding

Entertaining your guests with magic is a brilliant way of breaking the ice amongst guests. Close up magic performed at the table or mix and mingle.

Your guests will be bemuzed and stonished as Mark performs close up, right before their eyes. A sophistcated way of entertaining both adults and kids. 

Just another reason, why your guests will remember your wedding for years to come.

Wedding reception entertainment with lots of kids!

90 mins with plate spinning, balloon animals for all the kids, a few games and a puppet show.

Totally entertained kids while the speaches are on!

School reward / Treat show

School shows:

We have 2 different shows, both on size and budget.
Both shows are great for rewarding pupils for good attendance, house points etc.

Medium magic show: 45 mins. Ages 3 – 12       30 to 130 pupils

Fast paced magic with music.  Audience participation with a panto atmosphere.
This is NOT a birthday party show, as it takes into account pupils up to Year 6. So,it’s more of a family show.

Expect to hear “wow!”

This is a fantastic treat for any school child and would give that time spent at school, a little star dust!

Large spectacular magic show:

50 mins
50 – 400 pupils with ease.
Las Vegas magic for kids! Wow!, Your kids did something real special or it’sChristmas?
This is our biggest show, with back drops, lights, music.
The children’s will be laughing, cheering and wowing!
Your kids will be buzzing! As they explain the show to parents on the way home!

Puppet show for Nurseries / Play groups

The puppet show is an easy choice, usually booked as a 90 mins package with face painting, games, party dances and puppet show with bubble machine ending.

Magic show for play groups and nurseries

The magic show is often seen more for the older kids. But its also fantastic at entertaining the little one’s, ages 3+. 35 minutes long, sometimes longer. As the kids are told stories with magic, like Gerald the giraffe. The Giraffe got bored of eating leaves and his spots where lost with all the sneezes. the kids help out by choosing what Gerald needs and doing the magic to a happy conclusion. lots of silliness!!! its more about the stories and what happens along the way!

Fun day / Galas /  Vintage car shows

Food festivals, Village fetes, Fairs

We supply a complete entertainment schedule or individual shows. I’m sure we have entertainment that will fit what you require. Give us a call to discuss your needs and we can provide bespoke family entertainment.

Children’s entertainer for Comic conventions 

Mark was delighted resently to be invited to perform for the kids and families attending the comic convention at eggbrough near selby.

We have a close conection to the comic industry The art of Russ Leach  who draws for Marvel and does the Dr Who comic. 

Russ designed our main picture, that we use on our back drops. 

So expect some scifi puns. Mark is also one of the very few who perform Robotic mime within the magic show.

Perfect for Sci-fi conventions, give us a call to discuss. 

Community events / Village fates.

We have the right entertainment and experience to cater for your community event. We already know will will take your event more memrable. 

We can supply a simple show, or a complet schedule of events throwout the event.

Give us a call for a bespoke program


We last performed for the National railway museum in York. With walk about magic and fun.

We can help create the atmosphere you want. Alice in Wonderland was our last event. we can offer back drops, lights and music and give you a totally bespoke event.

or a simple show for a few kids. ask for details!

What’s the best family entertainment?

“We feel, nothing can beat a live show”!

How much does a Children’s entertainer cost?

Because of all the different variables like: type of event, size of show, hours needed, location etc. It’s always best just to ask.

We belive kids will laugh and smile more, when watching one of our shows compared to a ball pool.

So the smile of meter, says we are totally better value!

For birthday party prices, click here and see what’s included!  Click here

 Children’s entertainer Leeds   Children’s entertainer YorkHullLincoln and beyond..



Children's Entertainer Leeds - Hull - York - Lincoln


Mark’s Magic Kingdom has been open since 1995.

In that time we’ve performed for all types of venues, events and people.

The magic can be performed in an intamate setting, right before the person and sometimes in the spectators hands. Jaws drop to the ground in disbeliefe as our magician performs Dynamo style magic.

Our close up magic can cover any age. The most beutiful thing about magic is, there are no launguage barriers, no age barriers and is wonderful familily or children’s entertainment for the whole community.

video page

Childrens entertainer for a Birthday Party

Children’s Magician : Magic Mark.

Children's Entertainer for Yorkshire & Lincolnshire, Leeds - Hull - York - Lincoln

Children’s Entertainer for Yorkshire & Lincolnshire / Leeds – Hull – York – Lincoln

“Let’s take over your party entertainment”!    

Helen Rowson  5*****

“Mark brought his show for my 6 year old sons joint party and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it, parents and kids. The games,dancing,magic and silly humour brought smiles to everyone’s faces especially when the parents joined in the fun. All the kids were in awe of Mark who had a great grasp of his audience and had their 100% attention which is quite a skill for a hall full of 6year old with all their energy! Thanks for giving the boys a great party, would recommend to all!”

Lizzie Evans 5*****

“Absolutely perfect for a child’s birthday. Mark had 15 4 to 8 yr old children beside themselves with laughter and awe (and the parents too!).
We all loved his show.”

Amanda Smith 5*****

5 star *****  reviews on Facebook

Your birthday child will be made a star, while helping with the magic. Silly magic wands, things falling apart and some real special magic, that will get a ‘WOW”!

Performing for just a few kids at a birthday party or hundreds at a school, we have different size magic shows to fit your budget and audience size.

The magic show can be booked as a 45 mins show or a 2 hour package with disco fun!

“I’m an award winning magician. Brilliant at kids party entertainment and can easily entertaain the whole family”!

Mark also beat 10,000 other acts to get on the stage of Bratain’s Got Talent.

Magic package details:

Children's Puppet show

Children’s birthday entertainer for Yorkshire & Lincolnshire 

Children's entertainer Leeds-Hull-York-Lincoln

kids party entertainment for the whole of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

Children's Entertainer for Yorkshire & Lincolnshire Leeds - Hull - York - Lincoln

Children’s Entertainer  Leeds – Hull – York – Lincoln.

Birthday party entertainment with puppets: 

kids Disco, 

Lights, music and organised dances, such as the hockey cockey, Cha Cha slide, 

Face painting

We have 2 face painters who work quickly to get all the kids faces painted, We use the best water based face paints on the market, that just need a quick bath or shower to get off. 

organised party  games, prizes and more…..

Once the face painting is done, our entertainers leap into action organising the games, showing the dances and handing out prizes. Red Coat style hosting for your child’s special day.


Balloon animals 

While your feeding the children in the break, our entertainers are bizzy making balloon dogs, sword and the odd flower or 2 for the guests to take home with them. The perfect complementary item to take with the party bag  (see ebay for party bags).

“It’s the puppet show”!

What parents say about our children’s entertainers

5 star *****  reviews on Facebook

Amanda Smith 5*****

“We had the puppet show for my daughters 5th birthday and it was absolutely fantastic. The staff were so good with all the children always smiling and very friendly. All the kids and adults had a fantastic time with all of it. So thank you guys so very much for making my daughters day one to remember” 


The Puppet show will have them shouting, dancing and popping hundreds of  bubbles from the bubble machine. Ana is one of the best kids party entertainers. Fully organised party games, party dances, face painting and so much more!

“You’ll have a bunch of happy kids, at your special event!”


 Puppet package details:

Ready to book?


Entertainment for a class size, is more affordable with us!


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