Mark's Magic Kingdom

Magic workshop


Magic workshop for your school.

See your kids learn, discover a new skill and have lots of fun!

Magic workshops are great for all ages, from Year 1 to Year 6 and beyond…

The hand really is quicker than the eye, as the kids learn new dexterity skills, stage craft and so much more.

Everything is provided, each workshop last at least 45 mins, The workshops are usually based in the main hall, as each class or year is brought in at different times of the day. 35 kids max is recomended but more can be accomadated.

The workshops may last just minutes, but with our worksheets the learning does not stop, as the kids can learn and grow after school and create their own magic with things found around the home! who knows, maybe we will inspire the next Dynamo?

A completly new experience!

See the children grow & achive!