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The best children’s entertainer in Yorkshire


The Best Children’s entertainer in Yorkshire

The best children's entertainer in Yorkshire


So who is, the best children’s entertainer in Yorkshire?

I would love to say, “it’s me”! i try my hardest!  But then every so often, something wonderful visits town. “the greatest show on earth!”

Where does a magician take his family on his day off? The circus!

REVIEW TIME  Paulos Circus!

So every so often a circus visits town. i must say Paulos circus was difficult to get any comments or reviews off. i found it difficult to get any pictures off google.

Ive seen some circuses that don’t do the circus world justice. Paulos is not one of them! The tent is a good size and is good quality. The sound, lights and atmospehere where wonderful.

The Acts where truly wonderful, with a mix of everything you could imagine. The highlight for me was the tight rope act. If this circus is in town? go and see! “the best entertainment in Yorkshire” in fact! Still the greatest show on earth!

The best children’s entertainment in town is the circus, i hope i can travel with a circus one day.

Paulo’s circus is one of the best value circus’s at just £7 each. fantastic value. i know cinemas and ball pools that are more expensive.


Well done Paulo’s Circus!

Thank you for a wonderful evening


like them here. see when there next in town!