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How to save money, when booking a children’s entertainer?
How to save money, when booking a children’s entertainer?

How to save money on a children’s party entertainment?


Mark’s magic kingdom is one of the best children’s entertainers. We wanted to keep up with the times. We found that over 60% of people viewing our website are doing this, on smart phones.

So we plucked up the courage and totally changed our children’s website, . improvements such as video page, gallery, price page and so on.

Instead google are flooding these pages with big companies like Poptop, Net-mum’s and bark. So instead of having a direct link to the children’s entertainers people need, they are having to go through companies such as yell and 192 and other big companies.

So Yell and 192 are ok for finding kids party entertainers, as they at least give a free entry to the children’s entertainer who wants to advertise with them.

But some of the other companies charge a commission or a fee at the point of booking or after. So poptop for example charges the entertainer and not the booker, great? Not really! We as the entertainer knows we have to pay this fee, its usually approx 10%. so we just add this 10% on.

Other companies charge the entertainer to contact you!!! expect that price to also be added!


So if you want the best price for a children’s entertainer at a good price    BOOK DIRECT!



How far in advance do i have to book a children’s magician?

children's entertainer Leeds


mark the magician performing magic as a children’s entertainer in Leeds.



How far in advance should i book a kids entertainer?

  • How far does a magician travel?
  • Are the most expensive kids entertainers the best?
  • How long should my party be?


It is a great please that i get to load the van with all my props and disco equipment and head off in the Leeds direction.

Some children’s Party’s are booked a year ahead, Some ring the day before, or even a few hours before! “Help, its raining, I’ve booked a bouncy castle and its going to rain, I’ve got 40 kids to entertain!!!!”

How far in advance should i book a kids entertainer?

So if your booking me or another children’s entertainer in Leeds, “How far in advance, should you book?”

I think to cover me here! i should say, as soon as possible! But if you did have other things planned and the rain stops play? It’s not too late to book a magician or kids entertainer!

We have a puppet show and a magician, both performed by different people. Usually if one’s booked the other isn’t! So there is a good chance you can still book a children’s entertainer in Leeds from us. Remember most kids entertainers travel upto 2 hours to get to a venue. probably a little less if its a birthday party. So don’t stress, give your local children’s party entertainer a call. if we can’t do it, we will recommend someone. Your last minute, so be prepared with pen and paper. you might be given quite a few names to ring.

Especially the magician’s will try to help you out.


How far does a magician travel?

If its for birthday party entertainment its typically 10mins to 90 mins. If it’s a big event like a fun day, sometimes it can be hours. Depending on how specialised the entertainment is. So if your ringing around entertainers and there area code does not match yours? don’t worry. still ring. you might even get a better price than a local magician?


Are the most expensive kids entertainers the best?

If your hiring the chuckle brothers for your event? then you know what your paying for!

But one kids entertainer is £50 more expensive than the other, is it worth paying the money.

I know one entertainment company that always made there prices 20% more expensive than other entertainers in the area. As most people assume you would get something more for your money?

In this case, i felt the booker didn’t get anything more, but i guess this could be a personal feeling and its hard to measure. paying the extra money, maybe they got the feeling of getting the best? maybe this feeling for worth the extra 20% im not so sure?


How long should a children’s party be?

Don’t measure what your getting by time! Some entertainers in Leeds might offer 3 hours of entertainment at the same price another entertainer is offering, just 2 hours.

In fact it’s the 2 hour birthday party that we recommend! Some people see that they are having relatives traveling great distances and the 2 hour party does not seem long enough for that reason.

The party is for the birthday child, so have the 2 hours. any longer kids will find too long. Even kids films don’t usually last more than 90 mins for that reason.

Do the party, Then any family members can meat up at the local pub, cafe. All the kids have gone. you can contratulate  yourself for a job well done. yet, now you can relax and enjoy time with family members.

So the ideal party time is 2 hours!








York childrens entertainer – York children’s entertainer

Children’s entertainer York

So its a new year. here at marks magic kingdom we are getting ready for the new season. Its this time of year, we review our show and see whats new for Children’s party entertainers. we like to be the best children’s entertainers.

Looking at some new party games! i love the idea of hungry hippos.

We have already improved the sound, with a new mixing desk. both chanells are at the same volume, this is a great improvement.

We were able to perform the new las vegas illusion for the first time at a school. got some great reactions and we are looking forward to perform this at holiday parks in the spring.




What’s the best decorations for a children’s party?
What’s the best decorations for a children’s party?

Ive seen many parties, you have 30 mins to prepare the room, before the first guests arrive. Wow that’s a lot of stress and chances are, you will do the wrong thing wasting your time and money!

So you buy foil banners and start putting them up, but can you tell the difference, among all the other clutter on the wall? Banners are a waste of time!

So the best way to decorate a village hall?  This is the keep it simple method:  Helium balloons on strings, tied to the back of the chairs. its that simple!

You can buy the canisters of helium and do this your self? Naaaaaaa! its usually £1 a balloon. the company will inflate all balloons to the exact size! its a no brainer.

someone else does it for you, its relatively cheap with massive impact on the room and the kids have a balloon to take home with them.

If you have a larger budget? add bunting, flags on strings going across the room. its more expensive but you get impact for your money and the bunting can be used for other parties in the future, be careful on that ladder!


Children’s Christmas party entertainer for companies
Children’s Christmas party entertainer for companies
Children’s entertainer for company parties at Christmas
Mark performed for the Ikea Christmas party. Providing the disco and magic show, ensuring the staff had a complete party package.
Playing music and taking control of the games, food was catered. although Mark said, he would have loved a Ikea hotdog.
The Staff really got into the spirit dressing as elves, widow Twanky and the Grinch. The face painters did an brilliant job with lots of glitter!
Children’s entertainer at the Hull FC club.
Children’s entertainer at the Hull FC club.


Hull Children’s entertainer Mark from Mark’s Magic Kingdom performed for hundreds of children and adults at the Hull FC Christmas party.

Hull Fc supporters club booked our biggest show, a Duck appearing, Robotic dance, audience participation, and for the Finale Mark made it snow!

After the show the players posed for the kids to take photos, the players had great spirit and patience with the kids, talking, taking photos and even joining in with the party games and dances.


Good luck for next year.


Birthday party ideas
Birthday party ideas

Party food ideas!

Great news!  This blog is going to include all the information you need on “What’s the best party food and why? All from my E book, for FREE!

Thats over 20 years of experience as a children’s party entertainer.
This first blog is on party food, the good, the bad and the ugly!
 its quite a simple subject with an easy answer.
Party food on a budget:
If your on a budget, its hot dogs or pizza. kids will love it, your pocket will love it even more. So if you’ve got money to spend then its going to be pizza from the local pizza parlour. if your really on a tight budget, its got to be frozen pizza. kids will love either! keep it simple!
even if it goes cold, they will still love it!
The best party food:
It’s got to be affordable, its got to be easy to transport, its can’t have all the waste a buffet offers!
Remember your feeding the kids! if you’re feeding the adults tea, coffee and biscuits will keep them going.
Food boxes, see the photo.
There easy to get hold of. Ebay! is your best bet.
  • Easy to transport
  • One sandwich, one drink, one chocolate bar, one of this, one of that.
  • From sausage roll to lobster, just kidding about the lobster! but they will suit any budget.
  • Little food waste. kids love then, and eat well from them, remember to have your party over lunch time, so many try to book for 1-3. no one eats during the day. so lunch time or tea time are perfect.
  • There made from card, so totally recyclable!
  • Easy to clean up.

Dont forget to order say 4 / 5 more than you need. there is always a kid you where not expecting, or a starving magician who forgot his sandwich!







Mark’s Magic Kingdom – Christmas Party magician

Our children’s magician is getting ready for the Christmas season.

With lots of silly magic and “real magic”!

Mark had already bumped into Santa about 5 times. We have noticed that Santa’s costumes are becoming more elabrate each year. Magic Mark is expecting Santa to have real gold buttons one day. In most cases, his beard is real.

Its great to see the cheer delight as father Christmas enters the room.

Below is a picture taken at the Ikea Christmas party, what a wonderful job they did, getting into costume and making the Santa’s grotto.

This was taking place in one room and Magic mark was entertaining in another room. This worked exceptionally well, families had time with Santa to take photo’s and receive a wonderful present from Santa.


Ikea Christmas party entertainer

Children’s entertainer performing in Hull
Children’s entertainer performing in Hull

Children’s entertainer Hull, 

Mark the magician performing at a children birthday party at the weekend. Showing off his popcorn waistcoat which the kids love.

The birthday kids were twins and 8 years old, everyone enjoyed the games, party dances. mark was told that everyone was looking forward to the magic show and could not wait.

Children’s entertainer Hull

Children’s entertainer Selby Morrisons
Children’s entertainer Selby Morrisons
Children’s Party entertainer Selby
Kids Christmas party Morrison’s
“Your the best entertainer, we’ve ever had!” where the comments as i left the store.
This weekend i performed for the Morrison’s Children’s party at Selby. The kids were all lovely, Santa of course made an appearance and i can say all the boys and girls were nice. Santa did a real good job and looked the part.
Santa with a Scottish accent, i must say works rather well.
Performing in the restaurant is no easy task, as i kept banging my head on there low, laying lights which usually hang in the middle of the tables.
I wish you all a merry Christmas working in Morrison’s at this busy time of year.